Rust Foundation Included in Fastly's Fast Forward Program

Fastly's new open source partnership program will benefit the Rust Foundation & Project.

On Wednesday, November 9th, Fastly announced a new open source initiative for nonprofits at their flagship consumer event, Altitude. The Rust Foundation is excited to be included in the Fast Forward program, which will allow the Rust Project to harness Fastly's full-site delivery and powerful Compute@Edge platform at no cost. 

Fast Forward is the expansion of Fastly's open source program (launched in 2014), operating as a set of programs designed to "empower and support developers, open source projects, and nonprofits that share [Fastly's] vision of an internet that is free, open, and safe for all" according to their announcement. 

Learn more and find a statement from the Rust Foundation's Director of Advocacy & Operations, Joel Marcey, in Fastly's press release#