Introducing the Rust Foundation's Newest Project Directors

The Rust Foundation is pleased to announce the arrival of three new Project Directors to our board of directors! Please join us in welcoming:

Scott, Jakob, and Santiago are joining Mark Rousskov and Ryan Levick as Project Directors at the Rust Foundation and replacing Jane Losare-Lusby, Tyler Mandry, and Josh Stone, whose two-year terms ended recently. 

The Rust Foundation is immensely grateful to Jane, Tyler, and Josh for their many contributions to the Foundation since our inception and their tireless advocacy on behalf of the Rust Project. 

The Rust Foundation team looks forward to staying in touch with these outgoing Project Directors, and we continue to value their opinions and feedback. 

Meet the Rust Foundation’s New Project Directors: #

Scott McMurray #

Scott first contributed to the Rust project in 2017.  He has been a member of the language design team since 2018 and has worked in a variety of areas across the compiler and libraries.

About the Project Director role, Scott said:

"I'm honoured to have this opportunity to represent the project.  The creation of the Foundation has enabled new possibilities that were infeasible back when I first found Rust.  I'm particularly excited by what it has done and can do going forward to both reduce pain that drives away experienced contributors by accruing over time and remove hurdles that keep motivated first-timers from managing to become experienced contributors in the first place.  I endeavor to remain transparent during my term, and look forward to meeting new people in the process of it." 

Jakob Degen  #

Jakob has been a contributor to the Rust project for multiple years, primarily focusing his time on the compiler and operational semantics spaces. At work, he's a Rust programmer too, although there he works on a build system rather than a compiler.

About the Project Director role, Jakob said:

“After having many chances to interact with the Rust community in all sorts of ways over the last few years, I'm incredibly excited to take on the opportunity of stepping into the Project Director role. I think the Foundation has a unique potential to provide Rust with the support it needs to remain healthy in this time of extreme growth, and getting a chance to be a part of that work is a huge privilege. During my two-year term, I'm particularly looking forward to finding opportunities to help reinforce the sustainability of the Project's contributor model and back up the ongoing work on Rust's governance and processes. Most of all, I look forward to meeting and working with more Rust Project and community members!"

Santiago Pastorino #

Santiago Pastorino has been contributing to the Rust project since 2017. He is a Rust compiler team contributor, a member of the Types team, an organizer of Rust Latam, and the co-founder of WyeWorks.

About the Project Director role, Santiago said:

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be a member of the Rust project since 2017. I have enjoyed seeing it grow over the years and become very successful. Today, I’m super excited to join as a Project Director to support its contributors and help the project grow even further.”

What is a Rust Foundation Project Director? #

Project Directors are elected leaders representing the Rust Project on our board of directors. To learn more about the recent Project Director election process, please read this entry in the official Rust Project blog. Thank you to everyone in the Rust Project who participated in this election.

Project Directors have equal voting rights to our corporate member directors, as dictated by our bylaws. The Project Director role helps ensure the Rust Project’s priorities are adequately represented and advocated for during Rust Foundation decision-making processes.

In addition to communicating directly with the Rust Project Leadership Council, the Rust Foundation staff team is in close communication with our Project Directors outside of board meetings; we discuss recent Project and Foundation developments during a biweekly call and regularly seek their counsel asynchronously. 

You can learn more about the Project Director role here

Once again, welcome to Scott, Jakob, and Santiago, and our sincerest thanks to Jane, Tyler, and Josh. 

You can find the Rust Project’s announcement of our new Project Directors on the official Rust blog