Inside the Rust Foundation’s Associate Membership Tier

The Rust Foundation’s new associate member tier is designed for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

Earlier this year, the Rust Foundation created an associate membership tier, which allows other nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to receive Rust Foundation benefits at no cost. 

Rust Foundation Associate Members will receive a competitive package of benefits including: 

  • Close association with the Rust Foundation and its mission to steward and support the Rust programming language.
  • Access to and association with other Rust Foundation member organizations.
  • Advanced access to important Rust Foundation news.
  • Thought leadership and promotional opportunities through official Rust Foundation channels — and more!

Additional details about Rust Foundation membership and a breakdown of Associate, Silver, Gold, and Platinum benefits can be found in the Rust Foundation’s Membership Overview Deck

The Rust Foundation’s Executive Director & CEO Rebecca Rumbul said the following about associate membership: 

“In addition to creating formal collaborative processes to serve our peers in the nonprofit and education sectors, the Associate membership category allows the Rust Foundation to acknowledge different types of institutions that share our mission of supporting, growing, and providing resources to the Rust programming language ecosystem.”  

If your organization is interested in becoming an Associate, Silver, Gold, or Platinum member of the Rust Foundation, you can learn more here.

Associate membership is subject to board approval. 

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For more about the Rust Foundation, please visit our website, which contains more information about becoming a member. You can connect with the Rust Foundation on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

For membership inquiries, please email us at