Make Your Voice Heard: Take the State of Rust Survey

The end of the year is right around the corner, which means it’s time to think about plans and priorities for the Rust language in 2022. For those of you new to Rust, this is the time of year when the Rust Project puts out its annual State of Rust Survey, a short survey designed to gather input and opinions from current Rust users, as well as those who want to become involved with the language. The information gathered here helps the Rust Project understand how the community is growing and using the language as well as where users may be facing hurdles. It also helps the team shape its future activities, priorities and investments, to help ensure they are effectively supporting the needs of the broader Rust ecosystem.

This year’s State of Rust Survey is now open, and your input is needed! Not a Rust programmer? No problem. The Project is looking for feedback from everyone interested in Rust’s future, even if you’re not using the language yet. Whether you’re a C-level executive whose team wants to learn more about Rust, a technical manager overseeing a group of developers, an experienced Rust programmer or you’re simply interested in learning more about the language – we want to hear from you. Any and all feedback you can give is incredibly valuable to the Rust Project as the team works to advance the language we all love so much.

The State of Rust Survey is very much owned and directed by the Project. Here at the Rust Foundation, we recognize the value of conducting this survey, and as such we provide resources to support it, however the design and analysis of the survey is conducted independently by the Project. We want to help shine a light on its importance and encourage more people – with all types of Rust involvement – to take part. We’re thankful for the hard work of the Rust Project’s survey team in creating and running the survey, and we look forward to integrating the findings into our strategic planning for the next year.

Participation is easy. It takes 10-30 minutes, and answers are completely anonymous. The survey is open to the public and available in 10 languages to help facilitate global participation.

Please take a moment to help the Rust Project out and make sure your voice is heard. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of the Rust programming language and ensure your challenges, needs and opinions are considered. Survey results are a key tool in shaping the future of the Rust Project, so this is your chance to have an impact on upcoming project plans.

The survey will be live until December 22, at which point answers will be processed, analyzed and shared by the Rust Project.

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