Welcoming Software Engineer Tobias Bieniek to the Rust Foundation Team

We are pleased to announce that Tobias Bieniek has joined the Rust Foundation team as our newest software engineer.

[Heading] Welcome to the Rust Foundation Team, Tobias Bieniek! (Headshot of Tobias appears in a zig-zag, circular frame to the right with the caption “Tobias Bieniek, Rust Foundation Software Engineer” below)

We are pleased to announce that Tobias Bieniek joined the Rust Foundation team on April 3, 2023 as our newest Software Engineer. As a member of the Rust Foundation's growing technology team led by Director of Technology, Joel Marcey, Tobias will be focused specifically on serving the Rust programming language's crates.io Team within the Rust Project.

Tobias has been involved with the Rust ecosystem since roughly 2015. He started out by working to the intellij-rust project and for the past several years, he has been contributing to the crates.io codebase.

In 2019, Tobias officially joined the crates.io team and was asked to co-lead the team in May 2021. In mid-2022, Tobias applied for the first round of fellowship grants from the Rust Foundation (part of our Community Grants Program) and has been in close contact with the Rust Foundation ever since being accepted as a grantee.

When the crates.io-focused software engineering role opened up at the Rust Foundation as part of its ongoing security initiative, it felt like a natural fit for Tobias who cited being a fan of open source software development and the Rust ecosystem as his primary reason to pursue the position. 

Please join us in welcoming Tobias to the Rust Foundation team!

If you would like to find Tobias online, you can connect with him on GitHub and Mastodon.