Welcoming Software Engineer Adam Harvey to the Rust Foundation Team

We are pleased to announce that Adam Harvey has joined the Rust Foundation team as our new software engineer.

[Heading] Welcome to the Rust Foundation Team, Adam Harvey! (Headshot of Adam appears in a zig-zag, circular frame to the right with the caption "Adam Harvey, Rust Foundation Software Engineer" below)

Over the past several months, the Rust Foundation team has expanded with the arrival of new team members, and March is no exception. Today, we’d like to introduce you to our new Software Engineer, Adam Harvey, who will collaborate closely with Rust Foundation Security Engineer, Walter Pearce, and carry out engineering priorities identified as part of our Security Initiative.

Adam is a generalist software developer who has worked at a variety of companies and open source projects including New Relic, Sourcegraph, and PHP in the course of his 20-year career. Originally from Western Australia, he has lived in Vancouver, Canada for the past 10 years. 

Adam said this about his new role at the Rust Foundation:

“When I attended a presentation on this ‘newfangled Rust thing’ at a user group meeting in 2013, I didn’t quite expect that it would end up where it did today, nor how much I would end up enjoying writing Rust. I’m excited to work with the Rust Project and Rust Foundation to improve the security and robustness of the ecosystem, not least so we can all continue to enjoy writing Rust for many years to come.”

Welcome to the Rust Foundation team, Adam!