Welcoming Rust-C++ Interoperability Engineer Jon Bauman to the Rust Foundation Team

We are pleased to announce that Jon Bauman has joined the Rust Foundation as the newest member of our engineering team!

The Rust Foundation is pleased to announce the newest addition to the engineering team — Rust-C++ Interoperability Engineer, Jon Bauman.

Jon Bauman has been working in tech for two decades across various industries and programming disciplines. He is a proud alumnus of the University of Michigan, Etsy, and Mozilla. Jon brought his experience in Rust and standards development to bear as the implementer of AVIF support in Firefox and the Mozilla representative to the Alliance for Open Media.

As a member of the Rust Foundation's growing engineering team, Jon will apply the same skills to deeply understand complex systems, understand the perspectives of diverse stakeholders, forge pragmatic solutions, and build systems for the long term for the Rust/C++ Interop Initiative.

We are grateful to have this experience in Jon as we build the Rust Foundation’s Rust-C++ Interop Initiative!

About Rust and his new role at the Rust Foundation, Jon says:

"I used to believe the differences between popular programming languages are mostly aesthetic, but learning Rust convinced me it represents something new in a way that will have a meaningful impact on how technology affects everyone in the digital age. I'm excited to bring to bear both my technological, social, and organizing skills to foster cooperation across the Rust ecosystem and help realize its potential in both the short term and looking far into the future."

Please join us in welcoming Jon to the Rust Foundation team!