The Rust Foundation is Headed to London for Rust Nation UK!

Join us from March 26-28 at Rust Nation UK! Our team will be sponsoring and speaking at this 2024 gathering of Rustaceans in London.

Rust Nation UK is back for 2024 and the Rust Foundation is thrilled to serve as a sponsor again this year.

From March 26-28, our team will be in London with other Rustaceans for three days of Rust-centric talks and conversations. We hope to see you there! Click here to learn more and register.

In addition to serving as sponsors and connecting with other Rust language enthusiasts, we are excited to have two of our team members on the program this year. If you’re planning to attend Rust Nation UK, you’ll get the chance to experience the following talks from the Rust Foundation team:

“Rust Infrastructure: What it Takes to Keep Rust Running” – JD Nose #

Have you ever wondered what infrastructure is required to develop and use Rust? Rust Foundation Infrastructure Engineer Jan David Nose ("JD") will help us explore the core infrastructure that powers the Rust project, with a focus on the systems that serve Rust releases and crates. He will discuss the challenges that Rust's exponential growth introduces, and what that means for the future of the project’s infrastructure as well as the team behind it.

“Rust Painter: Graphing Safety in the Rust Ecosystem” – Walter Pearce #

Painter is a tool released by the Rust Foundation in 2023 to graph the Rust ecosystem. Initially created to aid in the accuracy of vulnerability reporting, it has evolved to give insights into safety and metrics across the ecosystem. In this talk, Rust Foundation Security Engineer Walter Pearce will explore Painter’s design and implementation and the data we have so far discovered within the Rust ecosystem. Have you ever wondered how much unsafe code exists right now? How has unsafety and its usage evolved across history? How much functionality in a crate is actually widely used across the ecosystem? Painter explores these call graphs and relationships, allowing us to determine not only what are the key crates in our world but how they are used.

Our team is proud to be involved in this dynamic event by and for the Rust community. We hope to see you at Rust Nation UK from March 26-28, 2024!