Second Security Initiative Report Details Rust Security Advancements

The Rust Foundation’s Security Initiative was created in 2022 to support security improvements to the Rust programming language ecosystem. In a second progress report, the Foundation details recent Rust security focus areas, accomplishments, and priorities. 

DOVER, DELAWARE, USA - February 15, 2024 – The Rust Foundation, an independent non-profit dedicated to stewarding the Rust programming language, today released a second report detailing the  accomplishments of their Security Initiative – an effort to advance the state of security within the Rust programming language ecosystem. 

The Rust Foundation announced its Security Initiative in September 2022 with a mission to support and advance the state of security within the Rust Programming language ecosystem. Inaugural support from OpenSSF’s Alpha-Omega project and Rust Foundation Platinum Member, AWS allowed the Foundation to build out its Technology Team (led by the Foundation's Director of Technology, Joel Marcey) in Q1 of 2023 with dedicated security and software engineering expertise. Additional in-kind support from JFrog and Rust Foundation Platinum Member Google and infrastructure support from Wiz provided the Security Initiative with the necessary resources to carry out impactful work.  The Security Initiative requires close collaboration with many Rust Project leaders and working groups.

In July 2023, the Rust Foundation released its first report on the Security Initiative. Today, they released a new publication covering work carried out in the latter half of 2023. Accomplishments during this period include:

  • Completing and releasing Rust Infrastructure and Crates Ecosystem threat models
  • Further developing Rust Foundation open source security project Painter and releasing new security project, Typomania.
  • Utilizing new tools and best practices to identify and address malicious crates
  • Helping reduce technical debt within the Rust Project, producing/contributing to security-focused documentation, and elevating security priorities for discussion within the Rust Project.

... and more!

The Rust Foundation invites you to download its second Security Initiative Report to learn more about the focus areas and achievements under this effort in Q3 and 4 of 2023. 

> > Download the Second Security Initiative Report  


The Rust Foundation’s Security Initiative is made stronger and more sustainable through diverse corporate sponsorship, and the Foundation is actively seeking contributions from corporations to enable them to continue this vital work into the future. Please contact the Rust Foundation to learn how to support the Security Initiative at

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