RustConf 2023 is Coming—Submit a Talk Today!

The Rust Foundation is a proud sponsor of RustConf 2023, taking place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA from September 12-15, 2023. Keep reading to learn more about this gathering of the global Rust community and the call for talk proposals.

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RustConf is the annual gathering of Rust language users, maintainers, enthusiasts, and enterprise leaders — and it’s back for 2023 with some exciting changes. Keep reading to learn more. 

Key RustConf Details #

Conference Dates: September 12-15, 2023 #

… Plus a full “unconference” day and hands-on Rust workshops.  

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico & Remote #

For the first time, RustConf 2023 will be taking place in sunny Albuquerque. We are excited to join other in-person attendees in this historic US city filled with culture and history. RustConf will also have a remote option for those who cannot attend in person. 

Event Experience #

In-Person Attendees #

RustConf will feature a variety of interesting Rust-focused talks, workshops, activities, and networking opportunities for attendees to take advantage of. 

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is top-of-mind for RustConf’s organizers and a number of precautionary measures will be enforced to keep all in-person attendees safe. Click here to read more RustConf’s COVID-19 policy.  

Remote Attendees #

RustConf organizers are hard at work planning an enriching virtual experience for those attendees who aren’t able to or interested in attending the event in Albuquerque. All talks will be livestreamed and remote conference activities will include a lively digital hallway. Stay tuned for more information.

Speakers #

As always, the informative and interesting talks at RustConf will be a cornerstone of the event experience. RustConf will feature a mix of invited and CFP-submitted talks. 

Speakers will have the option to present their talk live on stage in Albuquerque or virtually by pre-recording their session. In-person speakers will receive travel expense reimbursements, a comped hotel room, an honorarium, a free pass to attend the conference, special speaker-only gifts and experiences, and more, and remote speakers will be send equipment as needed to ensure high production quality. Finally, accepted RustConf speakers will have access to members of the program committee for guidance and mentorship as desired.

Click  here to learn more and submit a RustConf talk proposal (more info below)

RustConf Sponsorship #

RustConf 2023 sponsors will have the opportunity to connect with passionate Rust community members and leaders in a meaningful way.

More details about RustConf will be released in the coming weeks including details about sponsorship, but it’s not too early to express interest in supporting this Rust community event. 

Please email for more information about sponsoring RustConf 2023. 

To view a list of previous RustConf sponsors, visit

Submit a Talk by April 3, 2023 (UTC) #

The RustConf 2023 call-for-proposals is open through April 3, 2023 at 6:59 AM UTC (April 2 @ 11:59 PM MDT).  

All talks will be 15 or 30 minutes long, touching on a variety of Rust-related topics. 

If you have an idea for a great RustConf talk, we encourage you to submit a proposal! 

>> Submit a RustConf Talk Proposal #

The review committee will gladly provide feedback to prospective speakers interested in increasing their odds of being accepted. 

More information about RustConf 2023 will be released over the coming weeks. For more details, visit and the RustConf CFP portal

We hope to see you at RustConf 2023 this September!