Rust Foundation Silver & Associate Member Announcement: April 2024

Introducing new Rust Foundation Silver Member, Devolutions & several new Associate Members

DOVER, DELAWARE, April 30, 2024The Rust Foundation, an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the performance, safety, and sustainability of the Rust programming language, is pleased to welcome one new Silver-level member organization and four new Associate-level member organizations. Rust Foundation members play an active role in the organization’s mission to steward the Rust programming language and its global community. These organizations have demonstrated their commitment to the health of Rust through their membership in the Rust Foundation.

Please join us in welcoming the following new Rust Foundation member organizations:

Devolutions (Silver) #

“Embracing Rust since 2018, Devolutions is at the forefront of secure software innovation. Our projects like IronRDP, sspi-rs, and Devolutions Gateway exemplify our commitment to leveraging Rust's capabilities for complex network protocols and secure communication. These endeavors highlight why we're excited to join the Rust Foundation, pushing the boundaries of technology to create safer, more efficient solutions.”

- Marc-André Moreau, Chief Technology Officer at Devolutions

The Rust Foundation is pleased to welcome Devolutions, which has demonstrated a multifaceted commitment to the Rust ecosystem through their Silver Membership as well as their exclusive RustConf Diamond-tier sponsorship.

Associate Members #


  • OpenUK – A UK-based not-for-profit company which supports open source collaboration and open technologies within the United Kingdom.
  • Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences – A research base that focuses on the research and development on theories of computer science and leading-edge technologies of software. They are dedicated to carrying out fundamental research on the frontiers of computer science and engineering while also focusing on cutting-edge software technology research and the development of software systems that directly benefit the national economy.
  • The Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR) – A higher education institution located in Brazil and committed to academic excellence and humanistic education. Dedicated to research, innovation, and outreach, PUCPR aims to prepare leaders ready to face global challenges while upholding ethical and Christian values.
  • RustNL – A non-profit that strives to promote the implementation of the Rust programming language in the Netherlands and Europe.

Rust Foundation Associate Members are educational institutions, public research facilities, and/or not-for-profit organizations whose missions align with the Rust Foundation’s work. Associate Members do not pay membership dues and instead engage in collaborative activities and benefit through public association with the Rust Foundation.

The Rust Foundation is also encouraged to see an influx of new Rust Foundation Associate Members, as partnering with other nonprofits and institutions makes it possible to better collaborate with organizations that share a vision for the future of the Rust programming language.


Membership Resources #

About the Rust Foundation #

The Rust Foundation is an independent nonprofit dedicated to the safety, security, sustainability, and health of the Rust Programming language and the people who use it. Through close partnerships with organizations passionate about Rust and the growing Rust Project and community, the Rust Foundation is helping forge a better open source future with Rust.

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