Rust Foundation New Member Announcement: xFusion, Lynx, & SpruceID. 

The Rust Foundation is thrilled to welcome three new Silver members: XFusion, Lynx, & SpruceID.

DOVER, DELAWARE, January 9, 2024 – The Rust Foundation, an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the performance, safety, and sustainability of the Rust programming language, is pleased to welcome three new member organizations at the Silver level. Rust Foundation members play an active role in the organization’s mission to steward the Rust programming language and its global community. These organizations operating in the metal manufacturing, aerospace, and software industries have demonstrated their commitment to the health of Rust through their membership in the Rust Foundation.

“The Rust Foundation is pleased to have xFusion, Lynx Software Technologies, and SpruceID as our newest Silver Member organizations,” said Rebecca Rumbul, Executive Director & CEO of the Rust Foundation. “Their investment in the Rust Foundation will help us carry out mission-critical work that benefits the Rust programming language ecosystem in 2024.”

Please join us in welcoming the following new Silver Member organizations to the Rust Foundation:

xFusion #

“Rust is currently one of the most popular languages, and we are honored to join the Rust Foundation. We believe Rust will help us to build software with higher quality, more security, and better performance. This aligns perfectly with the development strategy of xFusion, which is to provide high-quality and trustworthy computing infrastructures and services to our customers.”

- Ruiqi Fan, President of Strategy & Business Development Department, xFusion

Lynx Software Technologies      #

“The military and aerospace industries are challenged with delivering complex, connected, secure updatable platforms faster and more cost-effectively. Lynx is convinced that Rust is an important piece of achieving this and is committed to using its secure foundational software, LYNX MOSA.ic, to galvanize a comprehensive, open ecosystem around it that is focused on mission-critical systems.”

- Ian Ferguson, VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Lynx Software Technologies

SpruceID #

"Rust and its ecosystem has been fundamental for SpruceID’s offering from the beginning and has allowed us to achieve our goals swiftly and reliably. Joining the Rust Foundation is a way to give back to the community while ensuring the ecosystem continues to grow and help us stay on top of technical challenges." 

- Simon Bihel, SpruceID Head of Infrastructure

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About the Rust Foundation #

The Rust Foundation is an independent nonprofit dedicated to the safety, security, sustainability, and health of the Rust Programming language and the people who use it. Through close partnerships with organizations passionate about Rust and the growing Rust Project and community, the Rust Foundation is helping forge a better open source future with Rust. 

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