Ask Us Anything at Rust Nation UK

The Rust Foundation to participate in a live AMA at Rust Nation UK on February 17.

[Heading] Ask Us Anything at Rust Nation UK! [Sub-heading] February 17, 2023, | Live at Rust Nation UK & via @RustNationUK on Twitter

Rust Nation UK is coming up in one week (February 16-17, 2023) and our team is excited to connect with both virtual an in-person attendees in London.

You'll be able to find us at Rust Nation UK in the following ways: 

  • Rust Foundation x Rust Nation UK Welcome Reception: We are looking forward to celebrating the event on Wednesday, February 15th with those of you who registered for our Welcome Reception. Please note that proof of registration will be required for this event and tickets are sold out. 
  • The Rust Foundation booth: Swing by our table in the expo hall to meet our team, learn more about the organization, and grab some Rust Foundation stickers.
  • Rebecca Rumbul's opening remarks: Don't miss our Executive Director & CEO's opening remarks that will be kicking off the conference programming.

Additionally, we are excited to share that we will be participating in a live Ask Me Anything session at Rust Nation UK on Friday, February 17 — starting at 3:45 PM GMT.  #

Our Rust Nation UK AMA panel will feature: 

  • Joel Marcey (Director of Technology at the Rust Foundation)
  • Gracie Gregory (Director of Communications & Marketing at the Rust Foundation) 
  • Paul Lenz (Director of Finance & Funding at the Rust Foundation)
  • Stephen Chin (Platinum Member Director for JFrog on the Rust Foundation Board of Directors, VP of Developer Relations at JFrog)

In-person attendees will be able to submit questions using Slido. If you're not planning to attend Rust Nation UK in person, you can still ask us a question by following @RustNationUK on Twitter and adding your question to a dedicated Twitter thread conference organizers will share the morning of February 17 (GMT).  Stay tuned!