Announcing the Rust Foundation’s Associate Membership with OpenSSF

The Rust Foundation’s newly-announced Associate Membership with the Open Source Security Foundation further solidifies our existing partnership and shared commitment to security across the entire open source ecosystem. 

Today, the Rust Foundation is pleased to announce that we have joined the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) as an Associate Member

This Associate Membership formalizes our existing partnership with OpenSSF, an organization that has provided the Rust Foundation with generous financial support through Alpha-Omega: a project that works with the maintainers of the most critical open source projects to help them improve their security. 

Through the Alpha-Omega Project, OpenSSF was key in helping to kickstart the Rust Foundation's Security Initiative, which facilitates security improvements to the Rust programming language ecosystem. 

Associate Membership enables non-profit organizations like ours to formally join forces with OpenSSF and the Linux Foundation, allowing us to better support the growth and evolution of open source security together.

The Rust Foundation’s Executive Director & CEO, Rebecca Rumbul, said the following about the news:  #

“ The Rust Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the performance, safety, and sustainability of the Rust programming language and its global community. OpenSSF has been a prominent advocate of the Rust Foundation’s work to bolster the security of Rust, most notably through Alpha-Omega’s generous funding of our Security Initiative. We are thrilled to solidify our relationship with OpenSSF through this Associate Membership and we look forward to working collaboratively for the good of the entire open source landscape.” 

This news was announced by OpenSSF in Bilbao, Spain at OpenSSF Day Europe (taking place as a co-located event with Open Source Summit Europe) where Rebecca Rumbul is presenting a keynote talk entitled “A Balancing Act: Collaboratively Developing Security in the Open.” 

To learn more about Rebecca’s keynote at OpenSSF Day, click here. #

To read OpenSSF’s Associate Membership Announcement, click here. #

Many thanks to OpenSSF for their support of our efforts to secure the Rust programming language ecosystem. We look forward to collaborating even more closely as their Associate Member going forward.