Announcing the First Set of RustConf 2024 Talks & Keynotes

Announcing the first round of RustConf 2024 talks and keynote speakers, taking place September 10-13, 2024, in Montreal, Canada!

The Rust Foundation is excited to share the first set of outstanding speakers for RustConf 2024!

This year, RustConf will include a variety of exciting talks and workshops covering a wide range of topics within open source and Rust. Would you like to learn about Rust in Space? Or watch a live coding session where the speaker develops a game in just 30 minutes? Are you interested in discovering the benefits of using Rust for robotics development or learning about what happens when you run `cargo build`? Our speakers will share their expertise on a variety of Rust topics, including security, APIs, embedded systems, community, and much more.

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Given that RustConf received over 200 submissions to the call for proposals for only 29 combined talk and workshop slots, our Program Committee had some tough decisions to make. Thank you to everyone who shared a talk idea – we know how much time and effort it takes to create these proposals.

Announcing Our First Keynote Speakers #

Aeva Black, Open Source Security Lead, U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency #

RustConf is thrilled to welcome Aeva Black, the Section Chief for Open Source Security at the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, as one of RustConf’s keynote speakers.

With over 25 years of experience building digital infrastructure and leading open-source projects, Aeva brings a wealth of knowledge. They have held significant roles in various committees and organizations, including the OpenSSF Technical Advisory Committee and the Open Source Initiative Board.

Aeva's keynote address will highlight the critical importance of open source security in today's digital landscape, focusing on the challenges of ensuring its safety for critical applications as open-source usage grows across governments and enterprises.

Nicholas Matsakis, Co-lead Rust Language Design Team, Amazon Senior Principal Engineer #

RustConf is delighted to share our second keynote speaker for RustConf: Nicholas Matsakis (“Niko”), a Senior Principal Engineer at AWS and co-lead of the Rust language design team.

Niko has been deeply involved in Rust development for over a decade, playing a key role in shaping its evolution. His contributions have been crucial, from pioneering the design of Rust's "borrow checker" to taking on leadership positions within the Rust community.

In his keynote, Niko will discuss the Rust Project's goals for 2024 and insights for 2025. Gain a deeper understanding of Rust's goal selection process and the inner workings of the Rust programming language.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a fantastic group of experts and connect with others in the Rust community.

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The set of talks posted today includes both keynotes and sessions for RustConf and talks at Rust Global – a half-day event focused on the professional use of Rust in global leadership settings (hosted by the Rust Foundation).

A second round of speakers, keynotes, and workshops will be announced the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the RustConf X(Twitter) and Mastodon accounts for the latest news.

Congrats to this first round of RustConf speakers for 2024!

About RustConf 2024 #

RustConf 2024 is taking place from Sept 10-13 in beautiful Montreal, Canada! For the first time, RustConf will be hosted by the Rust Foundation.

RustConf will also feature several co-located gatherings at RustConf 2024, including:

  • Workshops: Three add-on RustConf workshops – open for registration soon!
  • Rust Global: A Rust Foundation add-on event dedicated to talks and discussions about the use of Rust in enterprise, government, and global leadership settings. Rust Global will be available and free for anyone with a Nonprofit or Industry/Government ticket (while capacity remains). Learn more on our registration page.
  • RustConf “UnConference”: As per tradition, RustConf will feature the much-loved, freeform “UnConf” event dedicated to open dialogue about the Rust Project after the main programming concludes. UnConf registration will open soon.

You can learn more about the events, location, and sponsorship on the website: