Hello JFrog!

The Rust Foundation welcomes newest Platinum Member

The Rust Foundation is delighted to announce that JFrog has joined the Foundation as a Platinum Member. JFrog is a respected world-leader and innovator in devops, redefining the way developers build, secure, manage and distribute software updates.

The Platinum tier of membership is the highest tier available, and reflects genuine investment in, and commitment to, supporting the maintenance and development of the Rust programming language. Platinum Membership includes a Member Director position on the Rust Foundation Board of Directors, and this enables the Foundation to benefit from the knowledge, expertise and experience of its members in managing the Foundation’s vision and strategy. The Rust Foundation is delighted that Stephen Chin, VP of Developer Relations at JFrog, will become Member Director for JFrog on the Board of Directors.

Discussing JFrog’s motivation to join the Rust Foundation, Chin said “JFrog’s vision is to streamline software releases from code to production regardless of language. Rust is the most beloved language of software developers and is the most asked for package type by our customers. As a result, we are making big investments in Rust, which powers Pyrsia, our new open source supply chain security project. Joining the Rust Foundation is yet another way we can help to grow this amazing language ecosystem.“

Rebecca Rumbul, Executive Director & CEO of the Rust Foundation welcomed the news:

“I am delighted that JFrog has joined us at the Rust Foundation as a Platinum Member. Rust is a fast growing language with a bright future, and investment by leading global businesses such as JFrog in supporting Rust’s development is key to unlocking that future. Stephen Chin brings to the Board of Directors a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the values of the Rust community, and we are excited to begin this partnership.”