Q12021 Membership Update

Introducing the new members who joined in Q12021.

It's been a busy time for the Rust Foundation as the new board of directors gets to know each other and establish its values and goals. I'm excited to announce we have several new Foundation members, including a new Platinum member and our first set of Silver Tier members.

If you are interested in becoming a member- please reach out.

New Platinum Member #

  • Facebook was an early adopter of Rust and uses it in many aspects of development, from source control to compilers. Joel Marcey will be joining the Board of Directors as Facebook's Member Director. Read more about Joel in his own words.

New Silver Members #

  • Zama builds open-source homomorphic encryption solutions for data science and AI. They use Rust throughout, from their cryptographic library to their machine learning frameworks.
  • Ferrous Systems improves the Rust ecosystem by providing training and services, and employs maintainers of the Rust compiler. It also enables Rust on embedded, by providing important ecosystem tooling for the embedded space like knurling and co-maintaining libraries like nrf-hal. Their current hallmark project is Ferrocene to enable Rust in safety-critical spaces.
  • Tag1Consulting is a global technology consulting firm that is an ardent advocate for supporting the open source projects they depend on. They rely on Rust for some of their projects, such as goose.rs, which is a highly scalable loadtesting tool inspired by the Python based Locust Framework.
  • CleverCloud is an IT Automation platform that has been present in the Rust community since early in Rust's history. They proudly contribute to many Rust open source projects, such as nom, sozu, and many others.