EU Open Source Policy Summit 2024

The EU Open Source Policy Summit is the premier European forum for Open Source policy discussions at the highest level. It offers a unique arena to have in-depth conversations about the role of open source in policy initiatives and solving the challenges of global and EU digital strategiesConversation Q&A sessions. Taking place in Brussels, Belgium.

The Rust Foundation's Executive Director & CEO Rebecca Rumbul will be attending the 2024 EU Open Source Policy Summit in Brussels, Belgium.  #

OFE hosts the Summit in Brussels, Belgium on 2 February. The event takes place the day before FOSDEM, one of the largest Free and Open Source conferences in Europe. It gathers together a diverse and energetic mix of policymakers from EU institutions and member states, open source businesses, community members, developers, foundations and digital policy experts.

2024 is the 10th Summit, marking the importance of open technologies and open source and making this edition a special one. The theme of this edition is Europe in the World of Open Source. Under this theme, the event focuses on topics such as Open Source AI; European Competitiveness; OS Foundations’ Role in Public Policy; Public Investments; Security and Resilience; and Geopolitics;