Interested in Rust Foundation Sponsorship For Your Event?

The Rust Foundation’s stewardship of the Rust programming language and ecosystem includes promoting, contributing, and championing events hosted by Rust community members. Our goal is to support a variety of Rust-focused events around the world.

If you are interested in receiving financial support for a newer meetup or small event, please consider applying for an Event Support Grant.

If our Event Support Grants will not suit your needs and you are instead interested in sponsorship, please review the process below.

What We Look For in Event Sponsorship Requests

Because the Rust Foundation receives many requests for sponsorship and financial support across a wide range of focus areas, we generally evaluate event sponsorship inquiries using the following considerations:


We are more likely to consider sponsoring events that cater to different types of attendees (for example: both students and professionals using Rust) from across the world.


The Rust Foundation bases its sponsorship decisions on the stated goals of your event. We look for clear alignment between your goals and our mission to steward the Rust programming language and support its global community. If we feel your event is specifically aimed at filling a gap in the Rust ecosystem, we are more likely to serve as a sponsor. For example, we are more likely to sponsor an event that aims to help new Rust job-seekers network than we are to sponsor an event for general Rust enthusiasts.

Audience Diversity

The Rust Foundation is always more likely to sponsor events that anticipate a diverse and inclusive global audience with data to demonstrate this.

Organizational Capacity

Given the many complexities associated with planning events, we are more likely to sponsor an event if the organizing team has demonstrable experience hosting events/meetups for the open source community. There are exceptions to this expectation.


Given the recent proliferation of Rust events all around the world, the Rust Foundation must balance our sponsorship across as many geographic regions as possible. We are much more likely to sponsor your event if it is one of the only Rust-focused events in your area.

Audience Size

Knowing how many attendees you are anticipating will allow us to better allocate funding for sponsorship. If you are projecting fewer than 100 attendees, we will likely invite you to apply for an Event Support Grant instead.

Nonprofit vs. Commercial Model

The Rust Foundation is much more likely to sponsor non-commercial, not-for-profit events.

>> Click here to submit an application to the Rust Foundation for event sponsorship

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We always aim to respond to application with a sponsorship decision as quickly as possible.