Rust Foundation to Launch Community Grants Program

Rust developer community expanding rapidly; access to resources from Rust Foundation will drive strategic and purposeful Rust growth and sustainability

Dec. 9, 2021 WAKEFIELD, Mass – The Rust Foundation, an independent non-profit dedicated to supporting the Rust Project, today announced that it will soon launch its Community Grants Program, providing access to new resources for the Rust community to maintain, innovate, collaborate, and develop the Rust language. The Community Grants Program will be used to thoughtfully and purposefully support the continued expansion of Rust, strategically addressing key areas for development across the Rust ecosystem.

With continued, widespread adoption of the Rust programming language, the Rust developer community is the fastest growing in the last two years[1], and the work of the engineers maintaining and contributing to the open source Rust Project and its ecosystem remains in high demand. Financial support from the Rust Foundation will focus on impactful and sustainable work that best demonstrates the remarkable capabilities of Rust.

The Rust Foundation Community Grants Program is made possible by the generous support of corporate partners, with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Huawei amongst the first contributors. A strategic framework is in development to target funds, structure the application and distribution process, and define success metrics, ensuring the Program delivers value and impact.

“The purpose of the Rust Foundation will always be to support the highly dedicated, innovative and talented community that makes the Rust language so successful,” said Rebecca Rumbul, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer at the Rust Foundation. “Financial support via our Community Grants Program is just one of many strategic initiatives that the Foundation will utilize to empower the community and develop the ecosystem. We look forward to consulting with the community on their priorities for the Foundation, and sharing detailed information on the grant application process in the weeks ahead.”

The development of a Community Grants Program is only the latest new initiative from the Rust Foundation that is designed to support the growth and development of the Rust community. The Foundation recently announced financing for a team of programmers to manage the 24/7 on-call support for the service. It also launched the Rust Foundation Cloud Compute Program to provide free compute for Rust maintainers around the world.

“A large part of the current success of the Rust Project is due to the vibrant community and volunteers who contribute not only to engineering tasks, but to all aspects of making the Project successful,” said Lars Bergstrom, Google Director of Engineering. “We believe that one way that the Rust Foundation can best support the Rust Project is through providing Community Grants to those critical volunteers.”

The Rust Foundation Community Grants Program is made stronger through diverse corporate sponsorship, and the Foundation welcomes additional contributions from interested corporations.

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