Community Grants Program FAQs

General FAQs

Why are you running a grants program and not simply supporting people directly through GitHub sponsorship?

We need to be accountable to the organizations that have provided the funding for the grants program. This means that we need to enter into a formal agreement with each of our grantees, and we also need to be able, at the end of the grant year, to clearly demonstrate the impact of the funding program. Additionally, some projects will be best completed by teamwork, and so we need to be able to fund groups or organizations, and not just individuals.

Who will be making the grant selection decisions?

The Rust Foundation’s staff team.

Will the corporations that fund Rust be making the grant selection decisions?

No. Decisions will be made by the Rust Foundation’s staff team.

Can I contact Rust Foundation Board members to talk more about my application?

No. It is essential that the people involved in making the selection decisions can do so without any external interference, and we need to ensure that they are not overwhelmed by a lot of individuals contacting them to lobby for their application. For this reason it is important that your application is as comprehensive and compelling as possible. Any applicant who attempts to lobby one of the Rust Foundation Board members will automatically have their application rejected.

Can I appeal the decision if my grant application is unsuccessful?

No, all grant decisions will be final.

Will I receive feedback on my application if it is unsuccessful?

Yes, we hope to be able to give feedback to unsuccessful applicants in order to help them make successful applications in the future. This may take some time, depending on the volume of applications that we receive.

Rust Event Support Grants FAQs

Can teams of people apply for an Event Support Grant?

Yes, we welcome applications from teams of people and organizations.

How will you select the Event Support Grants?

Please see the Selection process page.

Does it matter which country I live in or what my citizenship status is?

No, but you (or your organization) must be able to legally receive funds from the USA to receive an Event Support grant.

I am 17, can I apply for an Event Support Grant?

You have to be 18 or older on the date of your event. We need to be mindful of different countries’ child labor laws, and laws that mean people under the age of 18 can’t enter into legal contracts.

I am not currently a member of a Rust Project Team or Working Group, can I apply for an Event Support Grant?


I/my organization doesn’t have any experience with Rust, can I apply?

Experience with running events – particularly events for open source communities – is more important than experience with Rust. But in order to demonstrate that your event will be a success, we'll expect you to show us how well you're connected to your local Rust users.

Do people have to adhere to a Code of Conduct to be awarded an Event Support Grant?

Yes, you have to adhere to the Rust Foundation Code of Conduct, which is an extension of the Rust Project Code of Conduct.

Will I have to write a report about my event?

Yes, you will have to provide a brief written report about your event, for publication on the Rust Foundation website.

Will I need to provide receipts?

Yes, after the event you will need to provide a report showing how the grant was spent, with copies of receipts. If you don’t spend all of the grant money on your event, you will have to return the balance to the Foundation.

How will I get paid for my event?

Either by direct bank transfer or through GitHub Sponsorship.

I have got a question that hasn’t been answered here – how can I get in touch for more information?

Please email and we will do our best to help.

Rust Hardship Grants FAQs

Who is eligible to apply for a Hardship Grant?

Rust community members who contribute significantly to the Rust Project and who have urgent financial insecurity.

I am 17, can I apply for a Hardship Grant?

You have to be 18 or older. We need to be mindful of different countries’ child labor laws, and laws that mean people under the age of 18 can’t enter into legal contracts.

Will you make details of the Hardship Grants public?

No. Out of respect for recipients, we will keep all details of Hardship Grant awards private.

Can I apply for more than one Hardship Grant?

You can apply for up to two Hardship Grants in each calendar year.