OSS Europe

The Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit Europe

The Rust Foundation has a session at Open Source Summit Europe 2022 (September 13-16, Dublin, Ireland).

Rebecca Rumbul and Paul Lenz will speak on the topic of "Funding OSS: A Multi-Layered Approach". Talk abstract:

How can we best fund the development, maintenance, sustainability and growth of OSS ecosystems? This is a difficult question to which there are many opinions and no ‘right’ answers. Often it is OSS foundations that find themselves responsible for raising funds to support both their communities and their infrastructure, with the difficult task of deciding how to prioritise and distribute limited financial resources. This session will discuss the competing priorities in funding OSS, and the issues with the current established norms for funding OSS work, such as via individual sponsorship or through a patchwork of small and disconnected awards. Rebecca and Paul will reflect on their own experiences of establishing the Rust Foundation’s package of financial and infrastructure support. The session will discuss how they developed a more targeted approach to funding using a grants-based and impact-focused system, and will reflect on the benefits and risks associated with this. The session will also examine how gaps emerge in OSS ecosystems and how to plug these with an outcome-oriented focus. The session will provide practical actions, processes and ideas useful to anyone with an interest in how OSS can be effectively and sustainably funded.

https://events.linuxfoundation.org/open-source-summit-europe/ for full schedule and ticketing.